Hotel seating should be comfortable and durable to ensure a positive experience for guests. Using high-quality materials and supportive structures can improve comfort. Durable materials and construction can withstand regular use and maintenance can extend furniture’s lifespan.

Betty Side Chair

Brenda Side Chair

Carolina Side Chair

Dalila Armchair

Dalila 1 Armchair

Liz Armchair

Allison Side Chair

Allison High Stool

Annie Sofa

Annie Armchair

Barbara Side Chair

Barbara Armchair

Adele T1 Armchair

Adele Armchair

Amaya Side Chair

Ashton Armchair

Cartier Side Chair

Darsey Armchair

Dominique Armchair

Emiko Side Chair

Estel Side Chair

Fit Hole Side Chair

Fit P Armchair

Fit SG High Stool

Estel P Armchair

Fit XL Side Chair

Fit Side Chair

Ivana Armchair

Kelly Side Chair

Nirvana Armchair

James D2 Sofa

James P XL Armchair

James P Armchair

James SG Hi Stool

Lotus Side Chair

Lotus Armchair

Lotus High Stool

Nives Armchair

Rally Armchair

Rally High Stool

Rosanna Armchair

Samantha Armchair

Perlage Armchair

Perlage Side Chair

Venice Armchair

Venice Side Chair

Snow Side Chair

Snow Armchair

Snow High Stool

Consuelo 1

Consuelo 2

Elly in Situ