Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation software connects authors and transcriptionists, facilitating an easier and more efficient management and process of your dictations.

Record your voice using your chosen dictation device such as PocketMemo, SpeechMike or the DictationApp from your smartphone.

The solution automatically routes your dictations to your desired transcriptionist. You can choose between your typist or also Live transcription services to type the documents up for you. No need for additional explanatory emails between authors and transcriptionists.

With the integration of speech recognition using a microphone (Philips SpeechMike or Olympus RecMic), you can dictate directly into the software, and see the voice recognition results appear on your screen. Also, it is possible to capture dictations on portable dictation devices (Philips PocketMemo or Olympus Dictaphone) and this can be easily loaded onto your worklist or into the speech recognition queue, and they will be transcribed within seconds.

Finished documents can be automatically be sent back directly to the author, even when they are on the go. Innovate with Speech Recognition integration in your dictation process and streamline this area of the business.