Professional Dictation or Speech Recognition training  to ensure you maximise your return on investment and drive fast adoption for your users.

To help combat unfamiliarity, ProVoice solutions will create a dictation training plan suited to your needs to ensure that no user is left behind when transitioning to a new system or equipment.

Training can be carried out across all levels of business and can accommodate numbers from one-to-one and small group tutorials through to full classrooms. Handouts are also provided to facilitate learning, as well as practical demonstrations, enabling trained staff to use train the trainer approach.

Furthermore, the program can also provide department or office managers the ability to change workflow, monitor usage, workloads and backlogs. This helps to identify where to allocate resources to improve overall productivity.

Voice Recognition Integration

Seamless Voice Recognition Integration to your dictation system is also an option on both Philips and Olympus solutions.

Outsourced Transcription: Fast & Secure Service

ProVoice provides secure transcription of digital dictations to professional transcriptionists in Ireland. We can convert audio files into text in a matter of hours providing another layer of flexibility.

Various Speech Recognition options to suit your needs

ProVoice Speech Recognition solutions have various licensing models (once-off cost, subscription, cloud, internal cloud) which makes the solution very cost effective and can be geared up if required.